Does anyone know what is going on at the AMC theater in Quincy? Are they closed? Open? Renovating? Help me answer these questions!

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I'm writing this as a concerned movie-going citizen of Quincy, what is going on at the AMC Theater in this town? It all started with a Facebook post from a close friend of mine, who is also a big-time movie-going citizen of Quincy, and in that post, he mentioned that he drove by the AMC Classic in Quincy on 33rd st. and that it was dark and looked closed on a Sunday afternoon. In the post, he also mentioned that there were no showtimes listed, so I went and investigated for myself and found the same thing!

So far today (Monday, November 29th) I have called the theatre 3 different times (between 1:30 pm and 2:15 pm) and can not get an answer, also on the AMC app that I have on my iPhone, it says "Sorry, no showtimes found. Please check another AMC near you..." AND when you go to the AMC website and type in the Quincy zip code to find the theater near you, you get this (CLICK HERE) which also says no showtimes.

I DONT WANT TO START RUMORS THAT THE THEATRE IS CLOSED, I want to make that VERY CLEAR, I am simply a concerned movie-going citizen of Quincy who would like to know what is happening to the theater. Does anyone have any answers for me?

Also, my friend did get a message back from AMC corporate when he reached out that said the theater was not closed but had "limited auditoriums available" if that's true why aren't there movie showtimes posted?


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