Happy Halloween! Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year, when we're all watching horror movies on cable, in theatres, or streaming. But what horror movie is each state obsessed with? Fortunately the folks at Streaming Observer figured it out using analytics and Google Trends and other smart things. The results are interesting, and in the case of Illinois, eyebrow raising. Like... seriously, Illinois? That movie?

Shaun of the Dead, Silence of the Lambs and Evil Dead all notched multiple states in their final tabulations. Here are the horror films each of the Tri-States are obsessed with.

Illinois - House of the Devil

Really Illinois? House of the Devil? THAT'S the film you're hanging your hat on? To refresh your memory, because I certainly had to, House of the Devil is a 2009 Rosemary's Baby knock-off. Watching that trailer can't get me interested in that film. And I like most of those people in the trailer. Meanwhile, Illinois is the setting for one of the greatest horror films of all time, 1978's Halloween, and that's weirdly Alabama's favorite horror film.

Missouri - Silence of the Lambs

That's more like it, Missouri! Silence of the Lambs, a super creepy movie with unnerving performances from both Anthony Hopkins and Ted Levine, with Jodie Foster holding it down, to make no mention of the skillful, breathtaking direction from the late Jonathan Demme. It's a superb film, and Missouri, you've got excellent taste!

Iowa - Evil Dead

Good job, Iowa! Evil Dead is a damn classic that spawned an amazing franchise that includes two sequels, a surprisingly good remake/reboot, a TV show, comic books, all sorts of fun stuff. You can never go wrong with Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell.

What's your favorite scary movie? Do you agree with these state by state rankings?

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