So, what will $1,000,000 buy you when looking at homes in Quincy compared to the most expensive city in the country?

A lot more! I recently came across an article naming New York as the most expensive city to live in this year. Not surprised by this at all, I mean for a 500 square foot apartment in Manhattan you’re going to pay $2500 a month. The other most expensive cities were San Francisco, Honolulu, Boston, and Washington, D.C. rounding out the top five.

So, I got a little curious. I'm currently checking out the housing market here in Quincy and I wanted to see just how much of a difference there is between Quincy and New York in terms of how far your real estate dollars can stretch. And as much as I would love to live in New York again, I'd be paying a lot for hardly any space whatsoever. Here's what I found...

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Believe it or not, the cheapest houses on the New York market are just under $1.9 million so let's start there. I compared one house in NY and one house in Quincy that are roughly the same price. The NY house (located in Lattingtown) is over 2,600 square feet and comes with five bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and sits on a 2.24-acre lot and is listed for $1,995,000. Did I mention it comes with fully equipped beach house with cabanas and is surrounded by a white sandy beach? Not bad, not bad at all.

Now the Quincy house. Located at 7007 N. 12th Street and listed for $1,900,000 comes with four bedrooms, 4 1/2 bathrooms and is over 4,100 square feet and sits on (get ready for this) 46.16-acre lot. You have no neighbors in site and all the privacy needed to relax and enjoy the country air. 

So, whether you want city living or country living you get a lot of home or a lot of space for the money you are wanting to spend. Take a sneak peek at the differences in design in both homes.

What Can $1,000,000 Buy You In Quincy Compared to The Most Expensive City?

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