If there is one rodent that I despise overall it's squirrels, this one (caught on a Ring door camera) just adds to my dislike of these pests.

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Snacks left on the porch of an Illinois homeowner, which I am sure are for delivery drivers and mailmen and women, were stolen but an unlikely thief. A squirrel. I say unlikely, but let's be honest squirrels are the worst. They tease my dogs and make them bark all the time, they eat my deck and dig holes in my yard. See the worst, but this guy tops the list stealing Snickers (I mean Snickers are pretty good).

My advice, if you are putting food out for your delivery drivers, look for some squirrel repellant (which from experience is not popular for squirrels). I am not sure if the squirrel came back and got more food, you would think that he would since it's just sitting there waiting for someone or something to just take it. I would keep an eye out for any thieves (other than humans).

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