Oh how far we've come in technology for TV commercials.

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A video has resurfaced for the Lincoln Park Zoo from 1986 showing cartoon animals singing a song and inviting you to see the new zoo. The park was originally opened in 1868 which makes it the second oldest zoo in North America, right behind the Central Park Zoo in NYC. The commercial itself has a catchy tune to it, almost a Motown-style song.

The commercial reminds me of the Tootie Roll Lollipop Commerical? "How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a Tootie Roll Lolipip? I am sure the commercials used today are more updated and filed in triple HD, but it's always nice to see who zoos and other places were marketed in the 80s.

I am a BIG supporter of visiting zoos and learning about animals from all over the world. The Lincoln Park Zoo is one of those that I have not visited in a while but is one of my favorites to visit when I am in Chciago. Like the St. Louis Zoo, the Lincoln Park Zoo is free admission for all.

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