An Illinois Zoo is over the moon with the birth of an endangered baby zebra.

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The baby girl zebra was born Monday at the Lincoln Park Zoo and is one of few of its kind. There are only about 2,000 of this specific zebra known as the Grevy's Zebra due to habitat loss according to top WLS in Chicago.

Yes, those are reddish stripes but don't worry they will turn black soon, did you know that no zebra stripes are the same? It's like humans' fingerprints one has its print, well every zebra has its stripes.

The baby zebra belongs to 16-year-old Adia who is doing well and is healthy and enjoying being a new mom. The baby zebra weighed in at 105 pounds and will reach up to 850 when fully grown. This is such an important event for the Grevy's Zebra species according to the zoo website.

This event is an important one for the population under human care, since Grevy’s zebras are classified as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. At last count, fewer than 2,000 individuals remained in the wild. Threats they face include habitat loss and competition with livestock.

To learn more about the baby girl zebra (who has yet to be named) and the Grevy's spices go to the Lincoln Park Zoos website.

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