Could you eat 2 dozen donuts in 30 minutes or less? One Chicago donut place offers that challenge and if you're successful, it's free. One famous food challenge guy just conquered it and has the video to prove it.

If you're not familiar with Joel Hansen, he's made a killing on YouTube taking on food challenges like this. He explains what he was up against in Chicago recently:

No way one man can eat that! Today we have a massive doughnut challenge at Bridgeport Bakery 2.0 in Chicago Illinois! For this big food challenge we have over 2 dozen different donuts and one giant donut! With only 30 minutes to get the $50ish meal for free, will man or food win and remain victorious? ManVFood style crazy food challenge, lets see what happens!

A whopping 10,000 calories sitting in front of him. My stomach hurts just thinking about it, but it didn't create a problem for Joel. Watch this guy go.

Impressive. If you think donuts would be hard, imagine going through an ENTIRE menu of Mexican food. Joel did that, too.

It should be obvious, but I'll mention it anyway. DO NOT attempt what Joel does. It's fun to watch because this dude has obviously trained himself, but it's dangerous none the less. In addition to the health hazard of ingesting several thousand calories at once, there's also that choking hazard thing to be concerned about.

Having said that, it's impressive to witness a food ninja blaze through meals like it's nothing and stay in shape on top of it.

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