And now for something completely different. I present to you a cow in Burlington, Iowa that absolutely loves donuts because why not?

This video was shared by one of the people that works with the cow at a dairy farm in Burlington, Iowa. Here's what they said about this special bovine:

I work at a dairy farm and I took a video of my favorite cow eating doughnuts. She loves doughnuts and marshmallows. Her name is Verna.

Donuts AND marshmallows? Do tell. See and believe.

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Cattle Today had an inspiring conversation about whether it's a good idea to feed donuts to cows (yes, really) and the conjecture is it's fine as long as it's just part of a good overall diet.

Cheese Slave (yes, a website really is called this) shared a story about a farmer that regularly feeds his cows donuts and cookies. I need to work at this farm someday.

There you go. If you wanted to witness a cow eating donuts today, you are welcome.

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