Here are two things that should always be kept separate. Chickens and cement. Some workers in St. Louis learned this recently as their fancy new cement project and chickens collided which led to chaos.

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I feel for these guys, but they clearly saw the chickens roaming nearby, right? Here's the description (probably from the foreman who didn't have to redo all their work) of what went down a few weeks ago:

Concrete work being done our chickens were roaming and ruined the concrete. Workers were upset but laughed about it in the end.

Note that there's quite a bit of NSFW language here as the workers aren't initially excited about the birds tracking through the cement they just smoothed out and are quite colorful when describing what they'd like to do to the birds.

I'm sure this was good for a laugh or two later, but after you've just gotten cement exactly how you like it on a hot summer day in St. Louis, smoothing back over chicken tracks isn't high on the "want to do" list.

Note to self: chickens and cement do not mix. If you want to look at this as a glass half full sort of situation, at least the chickens didn't get stuck in the cement. Otherwise, you'd have to constantly feed ticked off birds on your patio.

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