In case you weren't aware, bears are smart. I think I could argue that they're smarter than some people. Wanna know how I know? There's a new video of a bear trying to trigger a Midwest family's motion sensor on a door and the humans are completely OK with it.

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This bear moment happened in Hancock, Michigan. Here are the exact words as shared by the homeowners:

His name is Joey, and he is 3. He's been coming here his whole life. What he's reaching for is a motion sensor floodlight.

I have so many questions.

Several problems here. The family appears to be on a first-name basis with the bear - hence, the name Joey. The homeowner doesn't appear to be concerned that the bear is trying to come inside. It's not breaking news that bears can be extremely bad for your health.

I appreciate wildlife as much as the next person and do find bears fascinating creatures. However, when one is trying to trigger the motion detector on my door so he can come inside for a visit, that's a problem.

Back to my original theory that some bears are smarter than some people.

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