Google Earth has a tool that allows you to watch a time-lapse video of how your town has changed over the last 37 years, and it is crazy to see how Quincy has grown and changed since 1984!

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If you want to watch the time-lapse video CLICK HERE!

I saw this article from, that was promoting this new tool that Google Earth has that allows you to watch a time-lapse video from any point on earth from over the last 37 years that there have been satellite images taken of the earth.  In the article they say...

"And as of last April, users can now access a clever time-lapse feature that shows how their neighborhood has changed over the last 37 years...Google sourced more than 24 million satellite photos taken over four decades for the tool."

So what is really cool about this tool that Google Earth has unveiled with this time-lapse is that you can search a lot more interesting places than just Quincy, you can look at the polar ice caps, you can view how large cities like Seoul, South Korea have exploded in the last 3 decades, and so much more.

But when it comes to watching the video of Quincy over the last 37 years I will say you do see changes, so many of the changes that you see when you search Quincy on the Google Earth time-lapse video are west of the highway, you can see those land developments popping up in the late 1990s and early 2000s. I have, to be honest, I will spend most of my workday now watching time-lapse videos...

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