One of the best things you can experience at the St. Louis Zoo (and there are a lot of them) is to witness the introduction of a new baby to the population. That just happened recently when a young animal named "Astrid" made her way into the public viewing area.

The St. Louis Zoo just shared this video of a newborn Somali Wild Ass named "Astrid". She was remaining real close to her mother "Tukia".

According to the St. Louis Zoo website, the Somali Wild Ass is normally found in two different regions of Africa. They note that with the horizontal stripes on their legs, they are not surprisingly related to zebras.

These animals are purely vegetarians with a diet of grass, plants, shrubs...and then more grass.

The Somali Wild Ass is listed as critically endangered around the world and their numbers in the wild are shrinking drastically. That's one of the many reasons newborns like Astrid are celebrated even more than usual.

You can check out the St. Louis Zoo website for more information on these fascinating animals and for updated guidelines for visiting the zoo as they navigate out of the pandemic.

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