Have you ever wanted to learn Acting? Here is your chance!

I have been acting on stage for over 20 years, I started in elementary school when I was only in 3rd grade. I fell in love with getting to become someone else and tell a story for people to watch and enjoy. I loved it so much I actually got a degree in acting, a BFA in Acting from Northern Illinois University, I acted professionally in Chicago before deciding to pursue a career in radio which lead me to 97.9 KICK-FM and Quincy. I had no idea that Quincy was lucky enough to have an INCREDIBLE community theatre program led by an extremely talented staff. So I want everyone out there young and old to know that if you have ever wanted to try your hand at acting that there is a class for you to take at QCT!

Quincy Community Theatre is hosting a "Acting Masterclass" for teens and adults to participate in this month. On 1qct.org they describe the class taught by Brandon Thomsen as...

"In this acting class, students will “get up on their feet” and work through exercises and activities to learn how to put the focus on their acting partners by playing objectives and fighting through obstacles."

To learn more about the class or to register for it CLICK HERE! 

This class would be a great opportunity for anyone who has done a little acting before to improve their skills or for anyone whos has thought about giving acting at the community theatre a try, an opportunity to see if it is right for them without the pressures of auditioning. I have worked with Brandon Thomsen on multiple projects since moving to Quincy and think extremely highly of him, so push your boundaries and give it a try!

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