Big cities are inherently fun, right? So why does Kansas City rank so low on the list of the most fun cities in the United States? Is Kansas City actually boring?

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Get our free mobile app has come out with a list compiling the Most Fun Cities in America for 2021, and at first glance on the list, there were some things that surprised me like San Fransico being ranked 6th two spots ahead of Chicago at 8th, or Orlando being ranked 2nd behind Vegas but then I realized that has way more to do with Disney World then Orlando, BUT the thing that really stood out to me was St. Louis came in at 20th on the rankings, and I thought to myself wait a minute if S. Louis is 20th where is Kansas City ranked?

Kansas City is ranked WAY down the list at spot 56, which was so shocking to me because ever since I moved to the Quincy area everyone tells me "Don't go to St. Louis, just drive a couple more hours to Kansas City it is way more fun" I hear that constantly. Kansas City is ranked behind cities like Cleveland, Oklahoma City, Sacramento, Omaha, Salt Lake City, and flipping Albuquerque, New Mexico!

Why is Kansas City ranked lower than those cities? Well, WalletHub's rankings say that KC is ranked 68th nationally for Entertainment & Recreation, 34th for Nightlife and Parties, and 77th for Costs. If you want to examine the full rankings for yourself click here! 

Now to be fair I have never spent a long weekend or a vacation in Kansas City but I really find it hard to believe from all the great things I have heard from people that Kansas City is LESS fun than Salt Lake City! Why do you think KC is ranked this low, or do you believe that the ranking is justified?

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