The Land of Lincoln feels a lot like the "Land of MORE Laws" but...there may be a new law that gets rid of an old law, here are the details...

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I was honestly stopped in my tracks when I read that lawmakers in Illinois might actually be getting rid of a law instead of adding more laws. According to, you soon may be able to once again hang fuzzy dice from your rearview mirror in the Land of Lincoln! On the site they say...

"A bill passed by the Illinois House, HB 2389, would take away police authority to pull people over for having objects such as air fresheners, parking placards and other objects, hanging from their rearview mirror. If passed by the Senate and signed by the governor, Illinois drivers will no longer have to worry about what's hanging from their mirror...The Illinois Sheriff's Association and Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police opposed the bill."

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I use to have fuzzy dice hanging from my rearview mirror on my truck in high school and I loved it, I would be one of the first people to bring back fuzzy dice as soon as this law is decriminalized. In all honestly, it is wild to see the state of Illinois actually considering getting rid of a law, especially one like this. There are a lot more laws I would love to see Illinois decriminalize and get rid of before the "stuff hanging on the rearview mirror law" but maybe this is just a start. One can hope, right?

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