A YouTube video of a Halloween display in Illinois is gaining views and it could be the most incredible Halloween display in the Land of Lincoln!

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Isn't that display just amazing! The video is of a house in Huntley, Illinois, which is a far Northwest Suburb of Chicago, and there is just so much to unpack in this display. First off there are TWO of the giant skeletons from Home Depot, one is climbing a light pole which is such a clever idea, and the other is holding 3 giant fire breathing dragons on chain leashes, while also holding the hand of a smaller skeleton who is walking a skeleton dog. There is a pirate ship with multiple pirates, including a moving pirate captain that is steering the ship, there are so many moving elements to this display. There is a ghost that is flying through the yard on some sort of track, plus the movement of the spiders on the driveway, that has to be some sort of projector display, and all of the windows in the house have activity going on, including the smaller garage door.

It is such a fantastic mish-mosh of skeletons, dragons, pirates, ghosts, spiders, animatronics, projectors, lights, smoke, and don't forget to watch the video with the volume up because there is music playing! It's still early but this has to be the front runner for best front yard decorations in Illinois, I just can't imagine how expensive the energy bill for October will be, or where they store all of this stuff the other 11 months of the year! If you want to look at some still pictures of the video keep scrolling.

Is this the Best Halloween Display in Illinois?

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