Sales dropped in August 2023 for legalized Marijuana in the Show-Me State, is this just a blip on the radar or is the legalized marijuana industry in trouble in Missouri...Here are the details.

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According to the website MJBizDaily, legalized marijuana sales in the state of Missouri fell over 3% in August 2023 compared to July 2023, on their site, they say...

"Monthly sales of legal marijuana in Missouri shrank slightly to $119 million, with month-over-month declines in both adult-use and medical marijuana sales...August represents a 3.4% decrease from July’s $123.2 million sales total, according to data posted by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services...Cumulative Missouri adult-use and MMJ sales since 2020 are approaching $1.5 billion, according to the DHSS data."

The article goes on to talk about how there were two major factors that they believed led to the decreased sales, there were a bunch of products recalled in the state from a company called Delta Extraction, and multiple suspended business licenses for a number of marijuana facilities. To learn more about the drop in sales click here!

So we have to ask, are those factors the reason why there was an almost 3.5% drop in sales of marijuana in August or is there a larger "weed fatigue" in Missouri? I would imagine that people are trying to find other ways to get marijuana than buying it recreationally and paying the high (pun intended) taxes on legalized weed. But overall, since it has become legal in Missouri personally, I haven't seen the boom of shops and places selling it like I did when it became legal in Illinois. Are Missourians saying no to weed?

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