How would you react if you came out of a restaurant and saw what appeared to be UFO's coming out of a cloud like the one in a famous movie? That was the reality for someone in Missouri who shared curious video of what they witnessed.

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This close encounter of the Missouri kind happened near Blue Springs. Here's how the eyewitness who shared the video described it:

I saw a huge cloud that reminded me of the UFO from the movie Independence Day. I jokingly said look at that UFO. Then I saw two stationary lights hovering above the cloud. They were a lot closer than a star would have been. It was too early for any stars to be out yet since it was only 7:50 p.m. They were located in the North Western part of the sky.

Some things to keep an eye on. This shows the objects which appear to be some type of reflective metal. They do appear to move, but are stationary at times also. The video shows the objects from several different angles and levels of zoom.

It's a shame they couldn't capture the moment the objects appeared out of the cloud. If accurate, that would make it the Missouri version of the scene from "Independence Day" as they mentioned.

What do you think? Is this evidence of extraterrestrial craft in our atmosphere observing Missouri life or just a weather phenomenon that just looks like E.T.? Bigger question is what the intentions of these objects are.

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