Deer season is well underway in Missouri, and one outdoorsman caught a crazy fight between two young bucks on video, watch the bucks go head to head for yourself!

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The action really gets going at the 6-minute mark of the video, where the two young bucks finally square up face to face against one another. To be honest, I don't think I have ever seen two deer fighting before like this, I didn't realize how violent they can get when they lock their antlers together. The video is part of a YouTube channel called Dale Beatty Outdoors, and if you look through that YouTube channel you can see he has lots of videos of him outdoors looking for deer in Kentucky as well as Missouri.

Now back to the fight itself, it doesn't last long and I really can't decide if there is a winner or a loser to this deer fight, in the caption at the bottom of the video the channel says "Tweezers 1, other buck 0" whatever that may mean. The fight is about 30 seconds long and to me, it's fascinating to watch as the bucks seem to just be trying to out push each other, one of the bucks does eventually run away and the video goes cuts Beatty who was watching the fight in amazement.

As long as these deer are fighting out in the woods and nowhere near the side of the road in the Hannibal area then I'm a happy camper, I certainly wouldn't want to accidentally hit two deer locked in battle in the middle of the road with my truck!

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