The seltzer craze has officially hit Hannibal, with Mark Twain Brewing Company debuting their "Twain's Hard Seltzer"

I would be absolutely lying to you if I said "I don't like hard seltzer's" since they burst on to the market about 3 years ago they have taken the drinking world by storm. What started as a niche segment in the freezer of your liquor store has grown into its own section with Coors, Bud, Corona, all getting into the seltzer game PLUS all the original brands like Truly and White Claw. Seltzer's have even invade the breweries with Quincy Brewing Company debuting a hard seltzer last year, and now Mark Twain Brewing Company.

Mark Twain Brewing Company announced on their Facebook page that they are debuting a line of hard seltzers today called "Twain's Hard Seltzer" LOVE THE NAME by the way. In the Facebook post they say...

"A delicious, low-calorie, gluten-free, GMO-free, vegan seltzer with 5.0% ABV from organic cane sugar with only 100 calories & 2 grams of carbs per 12 oz. serving. Twain’s Hard Seltzer can be served with the original flavoring or can be draft-flavored at the time of purchase with all-natural fresh fruit flavors."

They go on to say that you can drink them at their location or take them home in a growler like you would their beer! This is such a smart move from the great people at Mark Twain Brewing Company in my opinion, the seltzer game is here to stay, it isn't some fad that's going away. And for them to make it in house, with a very cool name, and make it health conscious it's a homerun. And to be honest I don't need to try the Twain's Hard Seltzer to know it's going to be good, everything I have ever had from Mark Twain Brewing Company has been fantastic! That being said....I cant wait to get down to Hannibal and try these!

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