There are certain TV shows that I watch and enjoy - The Late Show with Steven Colbert, Bar Rescue, Sunday Morning, Mystery Diners, and Last Week Tonight...just to name a few.

Last night I got home early enough to watch the Series Premiere of The Muppets. It started out fine, with a mock "Late Night" type show starring Miss Piggy. All seemed to go well, until the cinematography took on the same style as The Office.

People to this day still rave about The Office. "Genius" some call it. I thought this show was horrible. Not because of the writing or performance, but because of the way it was shot. A typical scene starts with several people in a frame where the camera moves uncontrollably. Then the camera zooms in on one of the characters. Its bad, shaky camera work that makes the show look like someone tried to film it on their cell phone.

Then the scene breaks away to have a single person address the camera to explain a situation (sometimes called a "talking head" or "confessional" moment). Very reminiscent of The Office or even Survivor. As soon as Fozzie Bear was filmed in "confessional" mode, that was it - I was done.

I have never enjoyed that type filming. Think about it: What if the camera during the Dinner Party episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show moved to a different room in Mary Richards house to have her explain that she only prepared one pork chop per person and how she felt about Lou Grant taking two. That is supposed to unfold naturally in the storyline, not through a confessional. That way you get the emotion and the reaction within the context of the scene.

In my opinion, we need more shows like The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Shows with a great storyline AND good camera work to put if all together.

Did you watch this new version of The Muppets? What do you think of this type of filming style? Does it make a difference to you?

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