There are soooo many great shows on television right now, why on Earth do the people of Illinois consider this show to be their favorite one...?

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According to data from the website called the tv show Friends is the favorite show for the people of Illinois. On the website they say that they arrive at this conclusion by a number of factors, saying...

"We looked at the top 100 most, highly ranked TV shows from IMDB...From there we referenced Google Trends data from the past twelve months and came up with the most statistically significant, unique TV program in each state."

Now if you are wondering what are some of the other states that like Friends as their Favorite show, well Illinois is in that category with tons of other states including California, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Nebraska, and a few others. Missouri's Favorite TV show according to is Ozark, which makes sense because it is a phenomenal show and is set in Missouri, and Iowa's favorite show is The Big Bang Theory (which is a show I try to avoid to be honest...).

I'm going to be completely honest...I don't really watch Friends, I know that many people love it and think it belongs up there with the all time great tv shows ever made, but it just never caught on with me. Also I feel as though this method is flawed that is using because there is only ONE state that says that The Office is their favorite show and that is Utah. How can Friends be number one in over five states but The Office only be number one in Utah of all places?!?

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