I love traditional Christmas music. I really do. But I also love a good laugh. Comedy Christmas is where it's at. My dad made sure the Dr. Demento Christmas album was on regular rotation come Christmastime. I love Christmas comedy movies, even though my top two are Die Hard and It's A Wonderful Life (they have funny moments, but aren't quite comedies). And while you can find good original comedic Christmas tracks and sketches, The Twelve Days of Christmas is just ripe for parody, and the song's long history of being parodied just proves it. These are some of my favorites, including two that appeared on Dr. Demento's Christmas album.

1 - Allan Sherman

2 - Bob & Doug McKenzie

3 - Jeff Foxworthy

4 - The Muppets & John Denver

OK not really a parody, but still a fun version. Miss Piggy going to town with her "Five GooooooOOOOOooold Riiiiiiings!" still makes me giggle uncontrollably.

5 - Straight No Chaser

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