As far back as I can remember, I've wanted the zombie apocalypse, or "Zompocalypse." Chances are high I'd perish quickly, don't get me wrong. But I like the idea of a hard restart. And there is sound science behind it happening in some form or another (most likely the 28 Days Later pandemic style). So I think it would be good to start getting into shape for the possible Zompocalypse, as we all know rule #1 of Zombieland is Cardio.

Saturday, September 29th, The Hannibal Jaycees will partner with White Oak Counseling Access to Healing and Wellness and Partners 4 Kids in Care to host a zombie run and family fun run, with all proceeds benefiting local community youths in need.

The Zombie Run will feature zombies chasing participants throughout the course, and you have to make to the finish line with both flags intact. If you end with one flag, you're infected, and you're dead if they take both flags.

The family run/walk is a less stressful version, where you just have to casually pass the zombies, but they never directly interact with you. This is perfect for the kids to participate in.

You can register as a team, a family, or as a team over 20 participants, with discounts applying for family and team registrants. For more information on registering, visit

Illinois readers, this is a perfect thing fro you to participate in, since A- It's September 29th, two days before October, which is Zombie Preparedness Month in Illinois; and B- Macomb was declared #2 safest location in the country if a Zompocalypse happens.

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