We can be lucky that no tri-States Missouri towns are on this list, but someone has to be and if you're thinking about moving to a big city in Missouri you might want to stay away from these.

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Now look, I come from a big city and I loved everything about it. But, there are places in the city you just don't go to and you know that. Not all cities are bad, but there is a crime in every town/city in America you can't hide from it. According to travel.alot they just named three Missouri cities you do not want to move to.

Springfield, East St. Louis, and Kansas City all made this list. The crime rate in each city, cost of living, education, and unemployment, all contribute to why these cities make the list. Unfortunately, since these cities have been established crime has existed., but like I said earlier, you can say that about any town or city across America.

You can still visit these places, but living there make sure you do your research and you know exactly where to move and where not to move. I love Kansas City and Springelfe and I would move to either place if I had the chance. East St. Louis I try to avoid, over 1,100 crimes were reported in just that one city last year. Yikes!

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