Another store will soon be closing its doors for good in Quincy.

January 6 will be the final day of operation for Quincy's K-Mart. I was in there a few days ago and there are still some really good deals (but the store is a mess). Employees have done their best to try and tape off and consolidate what's left, but there's only so much that can be done at this point.

Right now, you can save 40% - 70% on pretty much everything. There is a small section of toys reaming and still some clothes and odds and ends. It's a sad sight to see, but sure enough we'll soon have another empty store in the Gem City.

Now what? Well the store will sit there until someone buys it or demolishes it, I guess. Who knows what's in store for the property. K-Mart is just one of the many stores that closed in Quincy in 2018 including mall anchors Sears and Bergner's. But with stores closing there is plenty of opportunity for others to move in.

But for now, all of those store buildings remain empty and employees will have to find new jobs which is never an easy task. There is still time to go to K-Mart and get those deals, but don't wait too long.

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