So there you are driving on down the highway and all of a sudden you look at the dashboard and low and behold your "Check Engine" light comes on. It is at that point that you begin to wonder who was the brainchild that invented that?

Did he or she do it to put fear into our driving hearts? Couldn't he or she at least have developed an additional light to tell us just what actually is going wrong with the engine.  All that light does is tell us "Hey driver, you got a problem with the engine".  Really, a child of five (well maybe 10) could figure that out.  How about some more information please!

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According to website ( 36.1% of us take the car to a mechanic within a week. There are 29.6% of drivers who wait between a week and a year to have it checked out. The remaining 25% of drivers never get it checked out. Apparently,9.3% get it checked right away.

If the dreaded "Check Engine" light does comes on in your vehicle, most auto parts stores will check it for you at no cost. It could be something as minor as your gas cap is loose.  They use a tool that is called an OBDH scanner to read any errors that may be happening with your engines performance. If you prefer to own your own OBDH scanner you can purchase one for approximately $50.

I think we can all agree, no one wants to see that dreaded "Check Engine" light come on even if it is a minor problem.


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