Take note, parents! A new proposed law in Illinois would lower the age at which children can legally stay home by themselves.

The current law allows children to stay home alone beginning at age 14. A new law, if passed would lower that age to 12. According to mystateline.com, the new bill known as the "Babysitter Bill", will all children 12 and older to stay home without any adult supervision.

I have to admit, 12 seems a bit young to me personally. Though it would help parents (like myself) with daycare costs.

Many daycares in the area only allow children to attend until the age of 12. And then what are parents supposed to do? By law, children can't stay home by themselves, and there are few options. If passed, this law could be a good thing for parents wondering how to bridge that daycare gap.

The proposed bill could come up for discussion as early as next week in the Illinois House.

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