This is not rocket science which is probably why I love it so much. A genius has come up with a simple way to protect himself from ticks using just duct tape.

I helped move belongings out of a family member's home this past weekend and my legs got completely eaten up by critters like ticks. It's a simple fact that you just can't avoid tangling with these tiny beasts thanks to the tall grass in the woodsy parts of our area.

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This genius dude came up with a neat life hack. His new video share includes a simple explanation for what he accomplished:

An easy life hack using some duct tape that can help to prevent ticks from climbing your legs.

Wrap duct tape around the bottom of your leg backwards and it acts as a fly strip for ticks. Brilliant. As long as you don't wrap it too tight and cut off circulation, you're good to go.

To quote Adam Sandler's character in "The Wedding Singer"..."Information that would have been helpful to me YESTERDAY".

Still, it's the best kind of pro-tip. It involves something all of us in the Midwest have lying around and it takes just seconds to apply and remove when you no longer need it. Like I said, this guy is a tick-preventing duct tape genius.

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