Ahhhh the late 90s/Early 00s. When everything was made better by adding the letter "X." It's not a regular generation, it's Generation X! Those aren't plain boring files, those are X-Files! These aren't your dad's lame games, these are X Games! Stupid NFL too tame for you? TRY THE XFL, YOU NERD! Xcept it only lasted a single season before folding under its own Xtremeness.

It's hard to believe it only lasted a season. The inaugural game featured an intro by the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (wonder whatever happened to him), appearances from WWE president and XFL founder Vince McMahon, wrestling icon Jesse Ventura, football legend Dick Butkus, former American Gladiator announcer Mike Adamle, and Culver-Stockton Athletic Hall of Famer Jason Kaiser.

What? You didn't know former Culver-Stockton quarterback-turned-safety Jason Kaiser was in the XFL?! He was. He was in all the -FLs. After graduating college, he spent two seasons in the Canadian Football League, before bouncing around the NFL from Denver to Kansas City to Dallas and Washington. From there he hit the XFL for it's lone season, then finishing up his career in the Arena Football League.

Jason Kaiser, who played for the Las Vegas Outlaws, has a unique place in XFL history for making the very first kick-off return in league history. You can watch it here at about the 10:40 mark:

I doubt he'll be making a comeback for the XFL's announced 2020 return, at least not as a player. He has degrees in Neurology, Acupuncture, and Strength & Conditioning, so he could come back as a trainer or team physician.

What's fun is Sam's dad was the coach at Culver-Stockton during Kaiser's time as a player, so she's trying to get her dad on the phone to see if he remembers him.

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