Spring is taking way too long to get here. Like... what the H, winter? I hate being stuck in colder weather. If you’re like me, a quick get away to a warmer climate is looking better and better, even if it is just for a quick trip. But how can I make a quick trip to warmer weather on the cheap? Luckily Frontier Airlines just announced the best way to escape these 40 degree temps.

Frontier just posted a bunch of super cheap flight options for April and May. For example, you can fly from St. Louis to Tampa, Florida for as little as $29! Flights to Orlando, Las Vegas, and Denver are also available for under $70 one way.

If you feel like going elsewhere, maybe even the East Coast (next week, once the storm is gone), flights out of Chicago are even cheaper! At the time of this writing, they’re offering flights from Chicago O’Hare to Colorado Springs, Long Island, Trenton, and El Paso for just twenty bucks each! Flights to Denver, Las Vegas, and Phoenix also come in at under $85 each.


Were I so inclined, I'd totally drop a few pesos for the trip to Tampa. Buy the flight out and the flight back separately, that's $60 round-trip. Go down, chill for a few days, sip rum on the beach.... hold on, be right back, I'm grabbing my credit card.

For more information, or to book, CLICK HERE and update your “From City”. And if you’re even thinking about it, you might want to act fast. I would imagine these seats will book quickly.

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