My husband and I are trying to figure out what to do for a family vacation this year. And with airfare prices as high as they are, it makes flying a family of four pretty much impossible. So I was pretty excited when I saw what Frontier Airlines is doing to help families like mine (even if there are some conditions).

If you enroll in Frontier Airlines Discount Den program (which costs $59.99 a year), children under 14 and under can fly for free. Basically you'll get a free flight for your youngster as long as you purchase an adult ticket as well. This is an effort to help families like mine put a little extra cash in their pockets and enjoy a true family vacation.

Other conditions include:

  • Domestics Flights only on certain days
  • If you change your flight plan after booking the offer does not apply
  • If you use seat selection charges will apply
  • Checking bags cost will apply
  • Children can not earn miles for their flights

All that being said, it still sounds like a pretty good deal if you can adjust your vacation schedule to accommodate the promotion. To find out what days the free flights are good for, visit the Frontier Airlines website. And once you get your dates picked, book early or you might lose out.