In today’s edition of “Don’t Believe Everything You Read On The Internet”, those $1 Jimmy John’s sub flyers you’ve been seeing floating around the social-inter-media-webs are, unfortunately, very not real.

It’s usually around this time that we see some major JJ’s promotion where they peddle sammiches for a buck for a few hours one day (except 2016…we still don’t talk about that). But such is apparently not the case this time around. The Jimmy John’s people posted the following to their Facebook page Friday afternoon:

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re gonna be paying sticker price on that sandwich this April 21 and pretty much for the foreseeable future. Flash that fake flyer all you want, it ain’t gonna make a lick of difference.

We know how crazy you all get for your Jimmy John’s around here, so if they do decide to change things up or pitch some dollar sandwiches someday, you can bet we’ll keep you updated.

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