On Tuesday, the Quincy Police Department conducted an alcohol compliance check on 19 Quincy businesses during which an underage volunteer attempted to purchase alcoholic beverages. It went...okay.

If prompted, the volunteer presented a state ID (that clearly identified the volunteer as under 21).

Just over half of the businesses checked passed the test and refused the attempted sale. Those businesses included Ayerco Gas (4727 State), Casey’s General Store (3601 Maine), Cenex One Stop (235 S. 8th), County Market (4830 Broadway), County Market Express (432 S 36th), Hy-Vee (1400 Harrison), Jed’s Brewhouse (1007 N 18th), North End Tavern (1130 N 24th), Save A Lot (837 Jefferson), 6th Street Mini Mart (537 Broadway), Tangerine Bowl (3530 Maine Street), and Jiffi Stop (2400 State).

Unfortunately, seven businesses failed the check and corresponding employees were cited for Sale of Alcohol to a Minor:

  • Cenex One Stop – 923 N 12th
  • Harvest Market – 1600 N 24th
  • El Rancherito – 307 N 36th
  • Mi Jalepeno – 3120 Broadway
  • The Pour House – 700 N 5th
  • U Wanderin In – 400 Oak
  • Instant Replay – 2739 Chestnut