No family member wants to get that call that a loved one has been taken from them. These families did receive that call and are still wondering what happened.

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There are several unsolved murder cases in Illinois dated back all the way to 1975, and many families still don't have any answers as to what has happened. As these are all ongoing cases any information related to these cases is wanted. We see all these shows on TV that make it look easy to solve murders in an hour. Families have been looking for answers for years in what happened to their loved ones.

There is even an unsolved case from Adams County from the early 2000's that is still unsolved. The case involves an unidentified man with just a shirt on him in hopes someone can recognize it to identify him. You can see all 30+ cases on the Illinois State Police Department website and take a look below and the current unsolved cases in Illinois.

If you have any information leading to solving these cases and potentially an arrest, you are asked to use the contact information below each picture.

Top 20 Unsolved Cold Cases in Illinois

If you have any information on any of these cases, you are asked to contact the Illinois State Police Department. Help these families find out what happened to their loved ones.

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