I love to plant flowers. It's so relaxing a gratifying making my home look even more beautiful. However, I had no idea that there are some plants that are banned in Illinois and if you do want to plant them you have to get a permit.

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The Conservation Foundation's list of banned plants in Illinois is pretty lengthy. In total, there are about 18 banned plants that you need a permit to plant. The reason, these plants can be harmful to other plants and species and although they can look beautiful with their flowers many are poisonous to animals.

What are the Banned Plants in Illinois?

A lot! Before you decide to plant those beautiful flowers in the fall and spring make sure you know that these are banned under the Illinois Exotic Weed Act.

the following plants cannot be legally bought, sold, distributed, or planted without a permit: Japanese honeysuckle, multiflora rose, purple loosestrife, common buckthorn, glossy buckthorn, saw-toothed buckthorn, dahurian buckthorn, Japanese buckthorn, Chinese buckthorn, kudzu, exotic bush honeysuckles, exotic olives, salt cedar, poison hemlock, giant hogweed, Oriental bittersweet, teasel, and knotweed.

Just be careful about what you are planting. Most nurseries are aware of their state law and know what is legal to sell to their customers and what is not. But always do your research when doing landscape around your property.

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