Some people say that there is no room for a Target in Quincy. Well look what I just found! I am about to blow your mind. Hear me out...

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There are a few options for shopping in Quincy, but when I travel to Springfield or St. Louis I find myself making at stop at Target ALL THE TIME. Not that I need anything. It's just that like many of you, I LOVE TARGET!

So why is there no Target in Quincy? It's hard to say for sure. Maybe space is an issue--but have they not seen the empty lot at 36th & Broadway? Anyway, I did a little digging and found the perfect location right on Broadway. The property is located at 6300 Broadway and measures 2.13 acres. With an asking price of $1.7 million, Zillow describes the site just east of Buffalo Wild Wings as "one of the last prime pieces of Broadway frontage with a corner".

6300 Broadway

Here's the catch: Regular Targets are usually around three acres and SuperTargets require at least four acres of land. So at first glance, 2.13 acres isn't going to cut it.

This is where we have to get a little creative.

There IS a Target out west in Glendale, California that takes up just 1.87 acres. The catch? It's three stories tall. Hey, I'm not against a three-story Target if that's what it takes. Let's do it!

Okay, realistically, this probably isn't a viable solution to our Targetlessness. Possible? Sure. Practical? Probably not. I'm not a contractor or city planner, so not really my call anyway.

With only Walmart here now, we could use another store in Quincy to shop at, we could certainly support a Target. And if the builders are willing to think outside the box a little, I found them the perfect spot!

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