These new bills that could be signed into law soon include things like what you are allowed to bring to the state parks, school lunch requirements, and even a bill giving Illinois a State Rock.

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I saw this article from and it blew me away, the article is called "New Bills from Illinois Lawmakers' Spring Session" and it goes through some of the new bills that made it through the house and senate and now could be signed into law shortly, in the article, they go on to say...

"Some 408 changes could be heading to Illinois, should Gov. J.B. Pritzker sign them into law – a likelihood as he’s a Democrat, and no legislation can pass without support from Democrats who control the General Assembly."

To read the entire article click here! But here are some of the highlights that stood out to me.

-House Bill 4089 is one that would require schools to have lunch programs that would meet the needs of any students who classify as vegetarian. Personally, this bill makes sense to me, you want to have offerings in school that every student can feel comfortable eating, just because you're vegetarian shouldn't mean you have to pack a lunch every day.

-Senate Bill 1915 is a bill that would remove all plastics, styrofoam, and one-time use utensils from state parks. This obviously makes sense to me as well, state parks are literally protected areas where we can go and enjoy nature the last thing that should be happening is a bunch of styrofoam plates falling out of trash cans and ruining that experience for people and hurting the wildlife in the park.

-House Bill 4261 is a bill that creates a state rock for Illinois, we have a state bird and things like that why not have a state rock? The rock that has been chosen is apparently called Dolostone.

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