Remember back when if you didn’t know something, you just continued to not know it? Yeah, those days are gone. Granted, limitless and instantaneous information is great and everything, but it does have a few drawbacks.

Turns out, Americans ask some pretty stupid questions.

The website did a little research through Google Trends to find the most popular dumb questions asked in each state. And America did not disappoint!

While Texans are wondering “where is the Internet” and Wyoming ponders the age old question of “what is Wyoming”, our tri-states inquisitors have other things on their minds.

Much to the dismay of Naughty By Nature, residents of Illinois still do not know what “O.P.P” is. Well the song is 25 years old, but hey, let’s go over it one more time.

So that was easy. Now over in Missouri...well, that’s not that simple. More often than other states, Show Me Staters are wondering “Am I a psycho?” Hard to tell, but if you have to Google it, I’d say that’s a bad sign.

Now to Iowa. The most common dumb question is “Do penguins have knees?” HA! Goofy Iowans. What a dumb question. Obviously the answer is...ummm….[Googles “do penguins have knees”]...yes. Penguins have knees.

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