I was doing my laundry this weekend when I noticed one of my socks had a rather large hole in it. I did what I have always done in this situation: throw it away.

It got me thinking: does anybody darn socks anymore? What is the process of darning a sock? I did a Google search and found this video:

I only made it through 2 minutes before turning it off. I don't mind cooking or cleaning, but ironing and sewing are not my forte. I don't have the patience for either one.

I believe this is a symptom of our "disposable" society. It makes sense - the cost of the labor to repair many items is much more than the cost to replace the same items.

People (myself included) like to save money on items AND make more for the work they perform. So this is the end result. When your DVD player is on the fritz do you pay someone $20 an hour for two to three hours to repair it, or do you go to the store and buy a new one for $35?

Have we created a good thing with our disposable society? What are some other items you used to have repaired, but now throw away (or stick in a closet) and purchase new? Share those items below.