We asked you "Is there a street in the Tri-States you won't drive down?" and here are the answers that you shared with us!

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We posted the question "Is there a Street in the Tri-States you won't drive down?" and your answers shed some light on some of the worst streets to drive down in our area.

Obviously, Broadway in Quincy gets a lot of attention for being a road you don't love driving down, it is the busiest street in the Tri-States, it has so many potholes, there are a bunch of terrible parking lot entrances and exits, and some massive intersections that are always busy. But there were some other streets listed as well, one of our listeners claims that Ohio St. in Quincy between 8th and 11th, and another one said the hate Payson road between 18th and 20th.

The other comment that was really interesting to me was that HWY 24 from Quincy to Clayton is bad, and another listener responded to that comment by saying that it is especially bad east of Fowler saying quote "It's like driving on a washboard" I haven't driven on 24 headed that way since the new year and so I was pretty shocked to read those comments.

Are there some streets that we are really missing? I would say the only other street I can think of is stretches of 12th street between Jefferson and State when you are near Mr. Bills, that street desperately needs a complete repaving and I avoid it as much as I can (which is hard because I love going to Mr. Bills).

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