A restaurant has opened in Missouri that has a menu dedicated to different types of Toasted Ravioli from original to dessert ravioli the menu will make your mouth water!

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According to an article from stlmag.com, there is a new restaurant that has opened in St. Louis that is all about the toasted ravioli called STL Toasted. STL Toasted is one of the 17 restaurants/kitchens that have opened up in The Food Hall, which is located near the IKEA in St. Louis, and the owners have created a menu dedicated to the delectable St. Louis icon the toasted ravioli. In the article they say...

"The menu features scratch-made dough, fillings, and sauces made on site...The Apple Pie dough is flavored with honey and cinnamon, and the Buffalo chicken has buffalo sauce in the dough...Each ravioli type comes with a dedicated dipping sauce.On the inaugural menu are five savory options (Italian Beef, Spinach Artichoke, Loaded Potato, Buffalo Chicken, Three Cheese) and two dessert ravs (Apple Pie and Lemon Blueberry Gooey Butter Cake)."

To read more about STL Toasted check out the article from stlmag.com by clicking here! 

I have never been to The Food Hall but this new place STL Toasted is going to get me there for sure! The other thing that I like about this place already is that they say they will rotate the menu and try new things, I love that because it will make you want to come back and try whatever crazy thing they are stuffing into a ravioli that month. St. Louis is famous for the toasted ravioli it's about damn time there is a restaurant pushing the boundaries of what you can toast in a ravioli!

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