The United States has a bunch of incredible architectural wonders from coast to coast and the Gateway to the west in St. Louis was just put near the top of the list for the Top 10 Incredible Architectural Wonders in the USA, what makes the Arch so special?

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According to the website, the St. Louis Arch is the number 4 Most Incredible Architectural Wonder in the United States, behind only such incredible buildings as the Empire State building at number 1, the San Xavier Del Bac Mission near Tuscon, Arizona at #2, and at #3 The White House. When talking about the Arch, the site says...

"A 630 foot-192 meter tall structure... is designed as “an inverted weighted catenary arch,” which, in simple terms, means it is made of a freely suspended flexible chain or a cable in the shape of an arch or a curve. The entire iconic monument is made of 900 tonnes of stainless steel."

To read more about the Arch and to see the other buildings on their list just click here! 

I will say I firmly believe that the Arch deserves to be on this list, it may not seem as impressive now that humans are building buildings over 2,700 feet tall, but for the time in which it was built and the sheer size of it, it deserves credit, also, the Arch is just beautiful in general. It is a reminder of how lucky we are in the Tri-State area to be close to such a unique structure, so don't ever feel bad for taking another photo of the Arch for your Instagram, it is an Incredible Architectural Wonder!

Look at the beautiful views you get from the Gateway Arch


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