I was a student of the arts when I was a kid, but my interests leaned more theatrical. I was heavy into the the drama club, particularly light and set design, which of course led me to an auditory based career. Anyway, the reason I leaned into theatre, is because I didn't have a single musical bone in my body. I tried choir, couldn't sing. I tried band, couldn't play the trumpet to save my life. It just wasn't my thing. But being in the arts, means I had plenty of friends who could sing and could play instruments. And I was always in awe of the talent on display. Some have even gone on to make careers out of their musical talents.

Your chance to be in awe of some of the best young musicians and singers from across the region is coming up this weekend, with the 26th Annual Showcase of Excellence at Quincy High School. Jazz bands from all over will be performing in the gym, while show choirs will be hitting the stage in the QHS Theatre on Saturday, March 10th. What's more is that it's an all-day affair, going from 8:30am to midnight, you'll be able to see performances, workshops and impromptu jam sessions throughout the school all day long. Tickets are just $12 for the general public and $8 for students.

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