With a potential teacher strike looming for the Quincy School District, plans are being formulated on both sides of issue. Picket line schedules will need to be worked out for the teachers, the school district will need to be working on post strike plans for lost days from a strike and working parents will be needing to find someone to watch their kids. So the question is "how long will this potential strike last?" Good question!

Hopefully, it won't last long and both sides will be happy with an agreement. The best thing that can happen during this potential strike would be a scheduled Blue Devil basketball game. If you think people are tolerant of a pending strike, that tolerance will last only until Quincy High School forfeits a basketball game due to the strike. Once that happens watch the ball start rolling, so to speak, in settling this disagreement.

There is no doubting that basketball is king in this town and a cancelled Blue Devil basketball game just might do the trick in getting a settlement. If that's what it takes, then I'm all for it!

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