We all know that Quincy High’s star running back Jirehl Brock can do anything on the football field. Endless highlight reels of the future Iowa State Cyclone have been covered incessantly for several years by people far more well-versed in the circles of high school football than I.

But we aren’t here to talk football. We’re here to talk another sport about which I know absolutely nothing. Here’s Jirehl—the basketball star—on the hardwood coming out of nowhere to effortlessly throw down a monster one-handed dunk against a stunned and helpless opponent. I'm pretty sure the six footer literally just jumped like eight feet in the air, caught the rebound with one hand, and did this:

Let me put that another way: if this was NBA Jam ’95 on Sega Genesis, that net would’ve set off the smoke detector.

Just put that on repeat until your day gets better. This clip of Brock the basketball star has been running wild all over the social medias the past few days and I frankly can’t get enough of it. And pay close attention to the priceless reaction of assistant coach Tom Lepper in the top left of your screen. It’s pretty much everything.

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