Have you heard the tall tale of the werewolf near Sugar Creek around Troy, Missouri? Neither had I...until now. There is definitely some truth buried beneath the generations of Missourians telling this story.

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My Missouri werewolf quest began with a book I found on Amazon by Norman McFadden. It talks about the urban legends of Lincoln County, Missouri.

Norman Mcfadden, Amazon
Norman Mcfadden, Amazon

The Amazon description talks about 28 different legends from Lincoln County including the question "Do werewolves truly roam the Sugar Creek valley?" Now you have my undivided attention.

That werewolf rabbit trail led me to an article by Lincoln News Now with a retelling of how this werewolf story began. It documents the story of a woman named Lily who lived on Highway Y north of Troy. As the story goes, she wanted to witness a sunset and set off on one of the trails near Sugar Creek. She became alarmed when she heard a sound behind her and hid behind a tree where she watched a hybrid wolf-man splash around in the creek nearby.

They reported that Lily did have a firearm and discharged it into the beast where it initially fell, but eventually ran off into the woods. She's not the only one to report strange happenings in this part of Lincoln County either. Lincoln News Now also shared a story from "Billy" who had a camping experience with paranormal things near his tent with werewolf-like qualities.

Is there a werewolf in Lincoln County, Missouri or wild dogs or just people's imaginations running wild? The truth is somewhere out there in the Missouri woods.

I highly recommend you check out Norman's book on Amazon for a fun read about Missouri werewolves and other things that go bump in the night.

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