I always thought that the oldest building in Illinois had to do with something about Abraham Lincoln, but I was completely wrong.

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The oldest building in Illinois is actually a courthouse located in Cahokia, Illinois, and according to insider.com it was used by the famous explorers Lewis & Clark. The Old Cahokia Courthouse was built in the 1730s and served as headquarters for Lewis & Clark.

the Cahokia Courthouse was where the explorers planned their westward expedition by organizing supplies, communicating with territorial leaders, and corresponding with President Thomas Jefferson.


However, the courthouse is not in its original place, it was dismantled and moved to St. Louis for the World's Fair in 1904 and then moved to Chicago in 1906. The courtroom finally made its way back to Cahokia in the late 1930s and now serves as a museum and historical site. It's pretty amazing to have something with so much history still around to be able to visit and learn about. Lewis & Clark are a big part of western expedition history and to have a place to go and learn about their expedition is kinda cool.

Cahokia, Illinois is just east of the Mississippi River in the Greater St. Louis area and has about 15,000 people living there. Fun Fact, the courthouse which has a French-style influence when it was built in 1730 because the French made Cahokia one of the largest French colonial towns in Illinois.

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