Some people, like myself, like to enjoy food and savor it. While others like to sweat, cry, and feel the burn eating. So that got me thinking, which restaurant in Missouri is known for the hottest wings?

Everyone will have their own opinion on where to get the hottest wings. Some say there are national chains out there that have the best and hottest wings, but local restaurants throughout Missouri are known for having the hottest. One of the restaurants that I kept seeing pop up is called Hackett Hot Wings in Joplin, Missouri.

They have a total of 17 signature flavors of dry rubs and sauces that will make your mouth water and burn, and if the burn is what you are looking for then this restaurant is it. They have a sauce called Smokin Hot and according to the restaurant is a five-hot pepper sauce rating. They describe the sauce as

Smokin’s Hot is the same level and flavor as our suicide sauce but we have added a little Hickory smoked flavor to it.  Not only can you get it REALLY hot, you can also enjoy the smoke-infused flavor.

Nope...not gonna happen in my world, like I mentioned early I like to enjoy my food. You can see their sauce menu and decide for yourself which sauce is the best for you.

Since many of us probably won't be traveling to Joplin often, there is a way to order the signature flavors and have it shopping at your home. Then you can watch the video below and learn how to use their sauces and dry rubs the right way.

If you dare try the Smokin' Hot Sauce let me know I want to watch and see if you can eat more than one wing.

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