If you're a book lover, here's a deal you can't afford to pass up. The Hannibal Public Library is selling all the books you can cram into a bag for just $1.

Books that have languished on the shelves, duplicates, paperbacks, hardbacks--they're overflowing the tables and boxes stacked on the floor and lining the hallway. Biographies, romance, inspirational, best sellers and how-to books--any genre that you're interested in, these books are looking for a good home. James Patterson to Robin Roberts, the Twilight series, even Modems for Dummies--the range of titles runs from popular to eclectic.

I'm a huge fan of reading and of the library. I never, ever buy books. Why bother when you can check them out for free? But this was a deal I couldn't pass up. I loaded eight books in a County Market bag. Come to find out, I didn't bring my pocketbook. I had to borrow a dollar from my librarian friend.

The Dollar-a-Bag Book Sale continues through this Saturday Aug. 18 at the Hannibal Free Public Library on South Fifth Street. Check it out! But bring your pocketbook.

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